Centrifugal Pump Operation Should Pay Attention To The Following Points

- Jun 21, 2018-

1 It is forbidden to run without water, do not adjust the intake of people to reduce the displacement, and prohibit the operation under too low flow;

2 Monitor the operation process, completely prevent the leakage of the stuffing box, and use new packing when replacing the stuffing box;

3 to ensure that the mechanical seal has sufficient flushing water flow, water-cooled bearings prohibit the use of excessive water flow;

4 do not use too much lubricant;

5 Check the recommended cycle. Establish operating records, including hours of operation, adjustment and replacement of fillers, addition of lubricants and other maintenance measures and time. Centrifugal pump suction and discharge pressures, flow rates, input power, lotion and bearing temperature, and vibration conditions should be regularly recorded.

6 The host of the centrifugal pump relies on the atmospheric pressure to pump the water from the low to the high, but the atmospheric pressure can only support the water column of about 10.3m at most, so the host of the centrifugal pump cannot work 12 meters away from the water surface.