Centrifugal Pump Selection And Installation

- Jun 21, 2018-

Selection and Installation of Centrifugal Pumps Centrifugal pumps should be selected according to the liquid being transported and checked for required performance, analysis of suction, discharge conditions, whether intermittent or continuous. Centrifugal pumps should generally operate at or near the pressure and flow conditions specified by the manufacturer's design. The following review should be performed when the pump is installed:

1 The basic dimensions, position and elevation shall meet the design requirements. The foundation bolt must be properly and correctly fixed in the concrete foundation. The machine should not be missing, damaged or rusted.

2 According to the characteristics of the medium transported by the pump, the materials of the main parts, shaft seals and gaskets should be checked when necessary;

3 The leveling and correcting of the pump shall comply with the provisions of the equipment technical documents. If there is no regulation, it shall comply with the provisions of the current national standard "General Specification for Construction and Acceptance of Mechanical Equipment Installation Engineering";

4 All piping connected to the pump body, installation of fittings and cleaning of the oil pipelines shall comply with the relevant national standards.