Hydraulic Pump Features

- Jun 21, 2018-

Made of aluminum alloy, high strength, corrosion resistance, light weight, suitable for a variety of environments.

The two-speed feature reduces the number of pressurization. In the low-pressure chamber, it is quickly in the state of load work, and it is immediately converted to high pressure, shortening each cycle.

With pressure regulating valve, adjustable control and setting working pressure. composition

It is a kind of hydraulic component that provides pressurized fluid for hydraulic transmission. It is a kind of pump. Its function is to convert the mechanical energy of power machines (such as motors and internal combustion engines, etc.) into liquid pressure energy. The figure shows the working principle of a single plunger pump. The cam is rotated by the motor. When the cam pushes the plunger upwards, the sealing volume formed by the plunger and the cylinder decreases, and the oil is squeezed out of the sealed volume and discharged through the one-way valve to the desired place. When the cam rotates to the lower part of the curve, the spring forces the plunger downwards to form a certain degree of vacuum, and the oil in the tank enters the sealed volume under atmospheric pressure. The crown wheel keeps the plunger moving up and down, the volume of the seal periodically decreases and increases, and the pump continuously sucks and drains oil.